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14 Ideas to Decorate a Bathroom With Beach Decor

Posted by Daniel Carney on Apr 4, 2013 6:39:00 AM

The best thing about decorating your bathroom with a beach theme decor is that you can put to practical and aesthetic use the wonderful remnants of family beach vacations. 

With souvenirs you've bought over the years, driftwood art you've collected or bought, and seashells from long walks on the beach, you can accent your bathroom with relaxing beach-themed colors and enjoy your own little oasis every day.

Here are some ideas:


  1. If you have an eclectic collection of glass jars or containers, store your shells in them. Be sure and put the unusual ones on the outer edges so they can be easily seen. Several containers on a shelf offer a striking collage.
    seaglass art
  2. Consider your walls. Many beach houses have a bead board panel or clapboard. Beaded board paneling is inexpensive and easy to install. If you already have it installed consider painting it one of the sea-inspired colors listed below.
  3. Use your driftwood art in creative ways. Can it double as a shelf for propping starfish and shells?
  4. Choose your colors based on those inspired by the sea. Coral and shell-pink, the color of sand, and soft blues and greens all contribute to your beach theme. You can go bright on any of those shades for a more uplifting feel.
  5. Beach house floors don't get a lot of special attention. They're plain because they take a lot of abuse from sand, salt, and water. Keep your floors simple and dress them up with colorful thick, absorbent rugs. You can also consider a sisal rug.
  6. Use wicker accents if you have them. A wicker shelf with multi-colored baskets for storage and driftwood art, a wicker magazine rack, and even a little wicker chair with a brightly colored cushion all lend a beach feel.
  7. Prop starfish and large shells on your windowsills (or that shelf you made from your driftwood art). Groupings are especially appealing. 
    beach bathroom decor
  8. Frame a simple mirror with sand-dollars or flat shells. Look on YouTube for a video on how to make shells adhere well to glass surfaces.
  9. Consider jars and other glass containers filled with sand and sea glass as well.
  10. Use a large shell as a soap-dish.
  11. Don't forget plants. If you have a corner, artificial grasses or bamboo in a large vase is a perfect accent.
  12. Tap into the ocean scent. Find an attractive air freshener that has a seaside scent. Consider candles with a similar scent for quiet bath-times.
  13. Use a few nautical accents. Pirate figurines, nets hung in a corner (with a couple of starfish tucked inside), and anchors make wonderful accents. A paddle screwed to the wall is a quick, cheap and easy accent item. 
  14. Finish it off with photos. Make copies of your favorite family beach vacation photos and decorate the walls with the, framed in rustic frames. 


Your bathroom will be a relaxing oasis full of wonderful memories for the entire family!

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Driftwood Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Posted by Daniel Carney on May 10, 2012 6:18:00 PM

… and I might add reasonably priced.

A driftwood mirror not only adds to the beauty of your home … it becomes a great conversation piece.

Driftwood mirror

Where did the driftwood come from and of course where did you get it…they will ask.

There is no other driftwood mirror in the world identical to this one. It now hangs in a summer home on the Jersey shore. The family that bought it drove up from Philadelphia to pick it up and to look for additional pieces for their driftwood themed home. They also bought a driftwood wall piece and a sea glass candle holder.

driftwood found object art3 resized 600
That’s David taking a picture of his new mirror, he sent it to me along with a note that read in part “our mirror looks great and lots of people have asked about it, so stand by for more orders”

David’s natural colored driftwood mirror is 52”x36”.

If you’re thinking about smaller or bigger let me know and I’ll get back to you with pricing and lead time…and for that matter if you have a specific request relating to driftwood, sea glass, beach bricks or some other beach related design just ask.

Remember your driftwood piece is a one and only…there are no others like it in the world.

Sea glass candle holder resized 600


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Unique Wedding Gifts Driftwood and Found Object Art

Posted by Daniel Carney on Apr 27, 2012 11:20:00 AM

Are you looking forward to attending a wedding soon or this Summer? Choose to give a gift that will be remembered - something that will forever remind the recipients of the person who gifted it. If you want to give a truly unique present, consider giving driftwood art or found object art. These handmade gifts are heartfelt and thoughtful, and aren't to be found on any wedding registry. You'll be giving a gift that is 100% unique. The couple will appreciate and cherish their unique found object or driftwood art for a lifetime.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and art is no exception to this rule. You must always first consider the recipient's preferences before buying them a gift. Driftwood art would be especially appreciated by a bride who has a penchant for all things natural, since it is made from organic elements. It could be that she loves things that are individual and handmade, or simply hates the idea of mass-produced factory items shipped in from overseas. Maybe she goes nuts for all things nautical. Perhaps she even has a vacation beach house, where driftwood art would fit in perfectly. In each of these cases, driftwood or found object art would make an excellent gift.

Driftwood mirror

How do you know if a bride fits these descriptions? A couple that is getting married in a natural setting - on a beach or in a park - would be a dead-ringer for driftwood art. You can also check to see if the bride-to-be enjoys spending time among nature: hiking in the mountains, perhaps, or strolling near the sea. If she has a bit of a green thumb, driftwood or found object art can make a nice complement to any garden.

In today's face-paced modern world, wedding gifts have become less about meaning and more about convenience. People tend to forget that gifts are meant to be from the heart. Everyone says it's the thought that counts yet when it's time to buy a wedding gift, it's all too easy to search the Internet for the couple's wedding registry and pick something off the list, check the gift wrap box, and delivered it straight to their house.

Get creative with your gift selection and consider giving driftwood or lost object art instead.

driftwood lamp

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The Green, Organic Bride: Using Driftwood in Your Wedding

Posted by Daniel Carney on Mar 10, 2012 12:25:00 PM
Planning a wedding takes time and resources. For the bride trying to plan an eco-friendly wedding, some of these choices prove more difficult than others. Organic food? Easy. Second hand dress? Done. But what about the decorations? Many decorating options don't fit in with a green ethos. Brides looking to lower the carbon footprint of their wedding should consider incorporating driftwood and driftwood art into their wedding plans.

Weighing the Options
When choosing decorations, brides have several options. But most of those choices have environmental repercussions. Consider, for example, the environmental impact of flowers, the most common wedding decoration. Most flowers at weddings are not in season or grown locally. These flowers were probably grown in a hot house with chemicals and were then flown or trucked to the wedding's location. Growing flowers wastes so many resources including water and fossil fuels. And once the wedding is over, most of these flowers end up in the trash.

Many brides opt for faux flowers made of either silk or plastic to save money since cut flowers, especially specialty flowers, cost a pretty penny. However, faux flowers make an even worse environmental choice. The materials in the flowers come from petroleum based products and were most likely made oversees. Once again, many of these flowers will also end up in the trash and find their way to a landfill.

Candles may seem like a great, eco-friendly option. But did you know most candles are made from paraffin wax, an oil-based wax? When burned, these candles emit carcinogens. And, many candle wicks contain lead. The bride concerned about the environment doesn't want her guests breathing in this air.

Driftwood and driftwood art on the other hand, has no negative environmental side effects. Driftwood art is made from entirely organic materials and died or was felled by natural causes. For weddings held near water, driftwood art is easy to find locally to limit the amount of fossil fuels used to transport decorations. When the wedding is over, guests can take the art home as wedding favors or the bride and groom can incorporate the art into their home decor.
driftwood beach wedding

Creative Ideas
There are many ways to creatively incorporate driftwood art into a wedding ceremony and reception and give the entire wedding a natural ambiance.
  • Use driftwood for table centerpieces at the reception. Try putting together different shapes, sizes and colors for an architectural feel. After the wedding, guests can take the driftwood art home.
  • Turn smaller pieces of driftwood into unique table assignments for guests.
  • Build or purchase a custom arbor or archway for the ceremony.
  • Paint directional or informational signs on larger pieces of driftwood.
  • Incorporate a driftwood bench or other furniture into your photos or ceremony.
  • Use driftwood frames for creative photo collages or to frame a picture of the bride and groom.
The versatility and organic nature of driftwood make it the perfect choice for the organic, environmentally conscious bride to incorporate into her special day.

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Home and Garden Driftwood Art Decorations

Posted by Daniel Carney on Jan 5, 2012 12:45:00 PM
Nature has always provided the wonderful scenery for beautiful art, but it can also provide the canvas as well.  Driftwood occurs when portions of trees have been washed away due to flood, tsunami, earthquakes, etc.  It can also be created by the remnants of wood leftover during the logging process, or, as a result of man-made wooden structures' destruction or decomposition.  This wood can become a nuisance for individuals living on the shoreline, as the amount of driftwood that beaches each day can sometimes become overwhelming.

Since most of the driftwood that washes ashore is rotted, or in the process of rotting, it cannot be used as recycled wood to build other structures or items.  One way that people can creatively utilize driftwood and remove the abundant amounts from the shorelines is through creating driftwood art.  The natural beauty of the wood is matchless as it relates to creating unique, beautiful, and original decorations throughout your home.  Driftwood art is available in a variety of available collections.  This ensures that their is a diversified selection for consumers to choose from; it also ensures that consumers are fully able to express themselves and their individuality.

Driftwood Art comes in a variety of formats, including, but not limited to, furniture, wall art and decorations, mirrors, and sculptures.  Some driftwood artists also offer driftwood photography.  This is becoming a more and more popular trend amongst consumers.  Sometimes, an artist creates a sculpture made of driftwood and then photograph it.  Some photographers depict the driftwood sculptures created by other artist.  But the type of driftwood photography that is currently highly sought after is the photographing of natural driftwood, non-sculpted, and in its natural structure.
When a shopping catalog refers to driftwood wall art, it can be referring to multiple things.  For some, driftwood wall art can be something as simple as a cheap reprint of a photographed piece of beautiful driftwood on a beach shore.  Others may not consider that as driftwood art, as there is no actual driftwood used in the construction of the wall piece.  Decorators have a number of options relating to decorating their homes and gardens with driftwood. 

There are beautiful hand-woven driftwood photograph frames and hand carved wall hangings.  driftwood art
Many times, the sculptures are created by the artist playing off of the naturally carved and eroded wood.  Driftwood is often in whimsical-seeming swirls and cuts by the time it comes to rest on the seashore, and this is often evident within the finished product of most driftwood art.  These sculptures, like the wall sculptures, picture frames, and mirrors are almost always designed and created by hand. 

driftwood mirror

A main benefit to decorating your home with driftwood art is that it can add a rustic, natural look to your traditional, modern, or contemporary style.  It shows house guests that you are an individual with your own unique version of decorating, individualism, and concept.  Adding driftwood decorations to a garden is a wonderful addition.  Wood is of nature so it compliments outdoor or nature themed areas.

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South Coast Artists Open Studio Tour Aug 20-21, 2011

Posted by Colleen Carney on Aug 15, 2011 10:51:00 AM

The 8th annual South Coast Artists Studio Tours are once again ready to inspire and attract visitors from all over New England. If you missed the first weekend you can still look forward to the August 20–21 tour. It will feature the creations of 70 artists living and working in the south coastal towns of Tiverton and Little Compton, RI and Dartmouth and Westport, MA. Driftwood Art Designs will be showcasing it's work at 630 Division Rd in South Dartmouth, MA.

South Coast Artists   
This year the theme of the tour is "Art & Soul" whereby artists and visitors alike are encouraged to discover all kinds of Art and nourish their Soul by exploring the creative world of the South Coast. Many of the artists on the Tour will be demonstrating their skills in their personal studio space, so that visitors can really see and understand the creative process. Visitors really appreciate learning just how they create one-of-a-kind artworks.
Along the way you'll discover artists working in different mediums, such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, photography, sculpture, basketry, textiles, ceramics, glass, wood, paper, metal and jewelry. For more information visit the South Coast Artist's website.

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Driftwood Art Project for Kids

Posted by Daniel Carney on Nov 11, 2010 4:20:00 PM

Do you think Driftwood Art is difficult to make? It can be but it also can be simple enough for a small child. 

Since the holiday season is around the corner and everyone is trying to tighten their belt buckle these days I'm suggesting some homemade gifts that you can give to family and friends.

Follow these simple steps and start making your own art:

  1. Go take a walk on the beach. If you don’t live near an ocean go to a lake, pond or river and body of water is sure to have a sandy beach with lots of Found Objects to gather.
  2. While at the beach take in your surroundings and see what you might be able to find. For example items such as; driftwood, shells, rope...
  3. Find a long piece of driftwood that you can hang on a wall
  4. Get some shells
  5. Once home drill several holes into the piece of driftwood
  6. Get some twine and make delicate holes into the shells from the beach.
  7. String the twine through the shells and make sure they are securely fastend to the twine.
  8. Finally thread the seashells with twine through the holes in the driftwood and knot to hold.

The end result should look like this:

Kid art with shells      







Check out more ideas for your own driftwood art in our catalogue.   

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Time for Holiday Shopping - Think Driftwood Art

Posted by Colleen Carney on Nov 4, 2010 4:26:00 PM

Black Friday is around the corner and I plan on making Driftwood Art with Found Objects not going to the MALL! With long shopping lines, hoards of angry shoppers, and disgruntled staff holiday shopping is not what it once was.  

I believe that holiday shopping has become something of a chore for people. The joy of shopping for an original gift that will truly bring warmth and love to a friend or family member has been lost.  When I get a gift for my family at the holidays I want it to reflect the love I have for that person. Where do you find those gifts?

It's time to think about Holiday shopping in a new way. The mall will not help you because everyone will be stressed and buying the same gifts. Look to new places to find gifts.

The website Etsy.com is a wonderful place to find handmade original artwork. You can find clothes, jewelry, bags, paintings, the list goes on... Check them out!

Also another place for a unique shopping and gift giving experience go to Artful Home.

Have a happy holiday season and remember that Driftwood Art is always a great meaningful and original gift to give a loved one.

Get a holiday discount on Driftwood Art - Click Here!

driftwood christmas tree

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Learn How to Display Driftwood Art

Posted by Colleen Carney on Nov 4, 2010 4:00:00 PM

I have been hearing from some people that they are interested in how to display Driftwood Art. Take a look at a Pottery Barn catelogue and you will see beautiful samples of homes and how to decorate them. Look at the wall hangings, lamps, mirrors and accent tables...you can use driftwood art the same way Pottery Barn uses there pieces to decorate a home. Except when you have a Driftwood art piece your home will have a unique piece of art that no one else who shops at Pottery Barn will ever have.

Here is a great example of how you can use Driftwood Art in your home:

Wall hanging rack driftwood art

This rack can be used to hold coats, bags or even towels. Place it in the hallway or even in a bathroom as an accent piece.

Other ways to display art or even create it yourself is by going to the beach and taking a long walk. On your walk look out for pieces of driftwood that look clean and cool. Bring the piece of wood home and find a way to hang it on a wall or add it to highlight a group of plants.

Here is a way to hang a piece of driftwood on a wall:

wallhanging driftwood

Get creative! You really can't make a mistake all that matters is that it looks good to you.

If you have questions about how to decorate with driftwood art please let me know.

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Driftwood Art and Found Art for Dummies

Posted by Colleen Carney on Nov 4, 2010 3:07:00 PM

little east beach, westport, ma

Many people do not know what driftwood art is. Simply put it is art that has been created using found pieces of driftwood from the sea found on the beaches of New England and Ireland. My art is inspired from growing up on a beach called Little East Beach in Westport, MA.

To create my art now I find pieces of driftwood and make sculptures, wall hangings, mirrors and tables. My art is continuously expanding so in the future I hope to make other types of pieces as well.

I use other found beach objects; shells, iron and rope in my designs. Anything that you can 'find' on the beach is appropriate to put into these pieces of art. The best part of driftwood art and found object art is that there are no rules. The process of creating this type of art is entirely up to the artist and isn’t dictated by any type of fine art. Another wonderful part of my art is that it is eco-friendly all of the materials I use in my Driftwood Art Designs have all be repurposed for the sake of art. Sustainability is important part of being an environmentalist and I want to be able to incorporate that belief into all parts of my life especially my driftwood art!

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