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Driftwood Art and Found Art for Dummies

Posted by Colleen Carney on Nov 4, 2010 3:07:00 PM

little east beach, westport, ma

Many people do not know what driftwood art is. Simply put it is art that has been created using found pieces of driftwood from the sea found on the beaches of New England and Ireland. My art is inspired from growing up on a beach called Little East Beach in Westport, MA.

To create my art now I find pieces of driftwood and make sculptures, wall hangings, mirrors and tables. My art is continuously expanding so in the future I hope to make other types of pieces as well.

I use other found beach objects; shells, iron and rope in my designs. Anything that you can 'find' on the beach is appropriate to put into these pieces of art. The best part of driftwood art and found object art is that there are no rules. The process of creating this type of art is entirely up to the artist and isn’t dictated by any type of fine art. Another wonderful part of my art is that it is eco-friendly all of the materials I use in my Driftwood Art Designs have all be repurposed for the sake of art. Sustainability is important part of being an environmentalist and I want to be able to incorporate that belief into all parts of my life especially my driftwood art!

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