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Posted by Daniel Carney on Jan 5, 2012 12:45:00 PM
Nature has always provided the wonderful scenery for beautiful art, but it can also provide the canvas as well.  Driftwood occurs when portions of trees have been washed away due to flood, tsunami, earthquakes, etc.  It can also be created by the remnants of wood leftover during the logging process, or, as a result of man-made wooden structures' destruction or decomposition.  This wood can become a nuisance for individuals living on the shoreline, as the amount of driftwood that beaches each day can sometimes become overwhelming.

Since most of the driftwood that washes ashore is rotted, or in the process of rotting, it cannot be used as recycled wood to build other structures or items.  One way that people can creatively utilize driftwood and remove the abundant amounts from the shorelines is through creating driftwood art.  The natural beauty of the wood is matchless as it relates to creating unique, beautiful, and original decorations throughout your home.  Driftwood art is available in a variety of available collections.  This ensures that their is a diversified selection for consumers to choose from; it also ensures that consumers are fully able to express themselves and their individuality.

Driftwood Art comes in a variety of formats, including, but not limited to, furniture, wall art and decorations, mirrors, and sculptures.  Some driftwood artists also offer driftwood photography.  This is becoming a more and more popular trend amongst consumers.  Sometimes, an artist creates a sculpture made of driftwood and then photograph it.  Some photographers depict the driftwood sculptures created by other artist.  But the type of driftwood photography that is currently highly sought after is the photographing of natural driftwood, non-sculpted, and in its natural structure.
When a shopping catalog refers to driftwood wall art, it can be referring to multiple things.  For some, driftwood wall art can be something as simple as a cheap reprint of a photographed piece of beautiful driftwood on a beach shore.  Others may not consider that as driftwood art, as there is no actual driftwood used in the construction of the wall piece.  Decorators have a number of options relating to decorating their homes and gardens with driftwood. 

There are beautiful hand-woven driftwood photograph frames and hand carved wall hangings.  driftwood art
Many times, the sculptures are created by the artist playing off of the naturally carved and eroded wood.  Driftwood is often in whimsical-seeming swirls and cuts by the time it comes to rest on the seashore, and this is often evident within the finished product of most driftwood art.  These sculptures, like the wall sculptures, picture frames, and mirrors are almost always designed and created by hand. 

driftwood mirror

A main benefit to decorating your home with driftwood art is that it can add a rustic, natural look to your traditional, modern, or contemporary style.  It shows house guests that you are an individual with your own unique version of decorating, individualism, and concept.  Adding driftwood decorations to a garden is a wonderful addition.  Wood is of nature so it compliments outdoor or nature themed areas.

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