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The Green, Organic Bride: Using Driftwood in Your Wedding

Posted by Daniel Carney on Mar 10, 2012 12:25:00 PM
Planning a wedding takes time and resources. For the bride trying to plan an eco-friendly wedding, some of these choices prove more difficult than others. Organic food? Easy. Second hand dress? Done. But what about the decorations? Many decorating options don't fit in with a green ethos. Brides looking to lower the carbon footprint of their wedding should consider incorporating driftwood and driftwood art into their wedding plans.

Weighing the Options
When choosing decorations, brides have several options. But most of those choices have environmental repercussions. Consider, for example, the environmental impact of flowers, the most common wedding decoration. Most flowers at weddings are not in season or grown locally. These flowers were probably grown in a hot house with chemicals and were then flown or trucked to the wedding's location. Growing flowers wastes so many resources including water and fossil fuels. And once the wedding is over, most of these flowers end up in the trash.

Many brides opt for faux flowers made of either silk or plastic to save money since cut flowers, especially specialty flowers, cost a pretty penny. However, faux flowers make an even worse environmental choice. The materials in the flowers come from petroleum based products and were most likely made oversees. Once again, many of these flowers will also end up in the trash and find their way to a landfill.

Candles may seem like a great, eco-friendly option. But did you know most candles are made from paraffin wax, an oil-based wax? When burned, these candles emit carcinogens. And, many candle wicks contain lead. The bride concerned about the environment doesn't want her guests breathing in this air.

Driftwood and driftwood art on the other hand, has no negative environmental side effects. Driftwood art is made from entirely organic materials and died or was felled by natural causes. For weddings held near water, driftwood art is easy to find locally to limit the amount of fossil fuels used to transport decorations. When the wedding is over, guests can take the art home as wedding favors or the bride and groom can incorporate the art into their home decor.
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Creative Ideas
There are many ways to creatively incorporate driftwood art into a wedding ceremony and reception and give the entire wedding a natural ambiance.
  • Use driftwood for table centerpieces at the reception. Try putting together different shapes, sizes and colors for an architectural feel. After the wedding, guests can take the driftwood art home.
  • Turn smaller pieces of driftwood into unique table assignments for guests.
  • Build or purchase a custom arbor or archway for the ceremony.
  • Paint directional or informational signs on larger pieces of driftwood.
  • Incorporate a driftwood bench or other furniture into your photos or ceremony.
  • Use driftwood frames for creative photo collages or to frame a picture of the bride and groom.
The versatility and organic nature of driftwood make it the perfect choice for the organic, environmentally conscious bride to incorporate into her special day.

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